The Agile Law Firm: Harnessing people, space and technology to improve business performance in the legal sector

Agile workflow technology and agile workspace design is giving leading law firms a competitive advantage

Competition in the legal sector is now fiercer than ever, driven by downward pressure on fees, ever-increasing market consolidation through merger activity, and the entrance of new, ABS providers into the legal services market. Leading law firms are turning to innovations in workspace design and technology to transform the way they do business, enabling them to deliver a competitive edge in this this rapidly evolving market.

By remodelling their workspaces around agile and flexible working principles, and adopting agile document workflow processes and technology, legal practices are able to improve efficiency and productivity, drive out unnecessary capital and operating costs from their business, and improve client care and retention, ultimately driving enhanced business performance:

Maximise revenue by increasing efficiency and productivity

When the flow of key information to your key people is seamless, you can communicate and collaborate more effectively, in person or virtually through the use of collaboration and workflow technology.  Business processes are accelerated and teams can be brought together to harness the knowledge within your firm, increasing both the quality and quantity of work, increasing revenue.

Drive out capital and operating costs from your business

Agile workspace design enables you to make more effective use of the space you have, freeing up capacity which can either accommodate current or future growth in your organisation, or can be sublet, turning your premises into a revenue-generating asset. Freeing up capacity in your physical environment will extend the lifespan of your workspace and enable you to sweat the asset harder, delivering greater cost benefits to your business. Embracing smarter “paperlite” processes and digital workflow, can reduce document related operational costs overnight by 30-40% and help you tighten document security and meet regulatory compliance.

Improve client care and retention

With more agile communication, collaborative technology and digital workflow, lead time is reduced and cases moved forward faster, keeping your clients happy and providing more opportunities to cross-sell services. The ability to connect teams across locations also gives you the tools to provide a multi-jurisdictional service in an increasingly globalised economy.

Enhance communication across the business

By communicating and sharing information and documents across diverse locations and offices, securely and effectively, you can increase productivity on all levels of the business, with teams able to meet at a moment’s notice to discuss issues and make decisions. Lead time is reduced and business processes made leaner and more efficient, from key strategic decisions to day-to-day case handling and running of the business.